Why Doctors and Physicians need Digital Marketing for their  Business. Today, Doctors and Clinical Practitioners face a big challenge to gain visibility because of competition. It has become essential to explore techniques for modern-day online marketing for Doctors and Physicians that can result in generating business leads, as well as keeping in touch with existing … Read more

5 Reasons why your Business needs a Website

  The pandemic has affected trade and commerce due to the Lock downs and Travel restrictions. Fear of infection has restricted the vast majority of the population from venturing out. This has resulted in lower volumes of Trade and Commerce. However there remains a very easy and effective way out from this seemingly  impossible situation. … Read more

Digital Sales Welcome to the Universal Market

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when products, services, and solutions were only sold in a physical sense. Salespeople were seen as the single gateway and go-to experts before, during, and after any sale took place. Fast forward to today’s digitally connected world, when people can learn almost anything they want about … Read more

Welcome to Digital Sales Blog

Welcome to the Digital Sales Blog. This is the first blog post here on this blog and I would like to take this opportunity to tell about myself and what this blog is all about I started my career as Sales Executive in 1996 and grew up to Regional Head Sales in 2016.  I worked … Read more