Why Doctors and Physicians need Digital Marketing for their  Business.

Today, Doctors and Clinical Practitioners face a big challenge to gain visibility because of competition. It has become essential to explore techniques for modern-day online marketing for Doctors and Physicians that can result in generating business leads, as well as keeping in touch with existing patients.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctors spend lot of money in setting up their lavish Infrastructure and modern equipment to give their best solutions but still fall short of inquiries and thus are not able to expand.

Until now the Primary mode of gaining visitors or patients was the word of mouth marketing but the footfall of patients is not enough to mitigate the clinical expenses. On the other hand they need to advertise about themselves.

Numerous Health Care Organizations and Doctors have started using cutting–edge digital marketing technologies not just to raise awareness but also to create strong trust in the market and eventually to lead in the race of revenue generations.

But still, the data reveals that only 4.5% of Doctors are using digital marketing strategies to promote themselves and the rest still depend on traditional methods or any external digital marketing agencies for their work.

So to make yourself visible as Doctor and Practitioners, you need to be present on all platforms where your ideal patients are spending time to improve your Branding, and awareness and thereby generate revenue for yourself.

So this post will give you an insight into how to enhance marketing strategies for small medical practices in an effective digital marketing way.

This Digital Marketing for Doctors is not complicated, as it seems rather it will save time and effort to build trust with potential patients. For that, small medical practitioners just need to have simple marketing strategies in place.

First Let’s understand why Doctor and Physician must have a website. Because…….

Increases Patient Base

The website nowadays is considered to be an online visiting card. It is the most important part of personal branding for Doctors and Physicians.

As and when required, Patients can find any information they want about you online. And the good part is that because of the emergence of Online CMS platforms like Word Press, anyone can easily make a website of their own without coding. A must to develop an SEO- friendly website designed for Doctors and Physicians for better customer reach.

Brand Building

The major advantage of online marketing for medical practitioners is not only to advertise, but they can manage their brand better. It becomes easy to expand and attract new patients. You can Blog about your research work; collect patient data and can have a live chat option. So Brand Building is an integral aspect of personal and Business Development.


Providing Schedule appointments benefits both the health care providers and the Medical practitioners too. Facilitating Appointments service on the Website helps to build relationships with Patients, retain them, and deliver quality service.

Google Search

By having a website on Google, you are allowing the Patients to search for yourself as to how your practice looks online searches through customer’s perspectives. Take the advantage of the ever-increasing online opportunity.

Nearly 60% of Customers search for local Doctors online on a weekly or monthly basis. The fact is, this figure is increasing day by day, reflecting an increase in time spent by patients Online.


When someone is in urgent need of the best Doctor in the neighborhood, they turn Online. So it is useful for Doctors to build an online image and do local SEO for their services.


From here the journey of the Digital strategy of the Doctors starts.

  • Get Noticed
  • Evolve and Grow
  • Increase Patients
  • Establish Brand Name
  • Build Loyalty
  • Cost-Effective
  • Interact with Patients

The above objective can be achieved by Doctors and Physicians through Social Media Management and Search engine Optimization.

Social Media is not a Children’s Gadget anymore; it is a Marketing Machine for Doctors too-

The best way to reach out to your Patient online is through Social Media.

Popular social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and What’s App) will help you with Sales & Marketing.

Should Doctors and Physicians consider Social Media Management as a top Digital strategy…The answer is a BIG YES

Social Media has become a part of our Life. Everybody from a small kid to an old person is in this media. On Face book itself, there are 3.9 billion active users. And in Google at any point, there are…………….searching for something. So we cannot rule out that Your Patients must not be using any of these Media.

Social media is the easiest and cheapest way to build a brand. It is the easiest way to do personal branding for Doctors and Physicians.

Platforms like Face book, Instagram, and Twitter have a massive amount of people spending time there and doctors can easily connect and even get recommended to other patients on social media.

You can also share all the clinic-based updates with your patients on social media. You can also share important case studies and article links.

In a survey, an info graphics archive found out that around 60 percent of social media users are most likely to trust doctors’ posts over other people’s posts.

.You can even go live on Face book or Instagram to talk about a specific topic, Record it, and share it. Share some quotes or short snippets on a social medium like Twitter. So do not think and if  you are still thinking, then you are losing patients and so the business.

Informative and engaging videos on YouTube

YouTube is the most viewed channel in the country. Audiences these days prefer audiovisual content over written text content. It will help you to make a good reputation and have face value in the market.

So with the massive adoption of the internet and social media, any brand can become its publication and attract attention. You can build trust with that audience and retain their attention for a longer period. Above all, the Doctors can easily boost posts on social media and obtain more exposure, which in the end, will provide even more value for these targeted marketing efforts.

Online Booking

Waiting at the Clinic or Doctor’s office irritates the Patient, and it’s true I have felt it in the past.

Imagine, if you are getting up and feeling sick. You call the Clinic during non-working hours and they haven’t picked up. How do you react & what do you do?

You will go to the next clinic to get your treatment done. From a doctor’s perspective, you are losing a patient.

For that, you have to add the “Book now” button or “Booking Appointment” Link in the Bio of the Social media.

This allows the patients to book their appointments during their convincing hours.

E-mail marketing about Health care

Email Marketing is the most traditional method of communication and marketing. It’s one of the most cost-effective medical marketing services in the market.

It is very important to provide value to patients and keep them informed about various health-related things via email newsletter.

E-mail marketing is the best tool you can use to keep your patients updated with all the health-related information and also keep track of patients’ reports.

E-mails are still by far the most suited tool for trust-building and should be on every doctor’s internet marketing strategy list.

As a Doctor, you can also send personalized emails to patients who are in the requirement of special attention.

So it’s important to build a thoughtful and informative Email Marketing Campaign that will benefit your readership.

Patient feedback

Testimonial plays a vital role in developing trust among other patients. Doctors and physicians must collect feedback from their patients and share that on their websites on various social platforms. It will help prospective customers in their decision makin process.

To Conclude, I would say…..that

In today’s day and age digital marketing for doctors is a must.

But doctors are busy people, especially in a country like India, where doctors are in such short supply.

Therefore they can outsource marketing to a good digital marketing agency that is good at creating and executing marketing for doctors.

Doctors are those people that do God’s work, and they should and must continue doing the good work.

I believe that by reading this post, you will feel the necessity to expand your medical practice through Online Marketing. I will provide medical digital marketing and website development services. I will empower you with the pieces of information that will help you to increase your website visitors and generate Leads.

A physician marketing idea that works for you along with developing social media sales pitches for the Doctors.



Pankaj K Verma

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