How important is Digital Marketing for your Business

Today’s business thrives on digital platforms and I believe that it is highly important for non-digital business to move closer to the digital space. Digital is the future of Business. Every legacy Company and the Physical Company, every one of them has to be digitized. Its journey must be done and not doing it, is more risky than taking the risk of doing it.

Brick-And-Mortar to Online

This pandemic has restrained the customers from moving in to the market. In this change scenario when the customers are online, so taking orders from them through online is no more a big task. By having our Business online we become a Virtual Seller selling the products and services to our Virtual Customers on Virtual Network and that’s it. All the Big or Small Business Owners are selling Candles, Handbags, Jewelry, and Soaps through Online. All it can be done through simple creation of website at minimal cost and even the operational cost is also too low. It has faster reach and to add upon it, it is not depended on Market timings, but it runs 24*7 in Online. Even at night while we are sleeping the Sale does not stop and the sales process goes on.

Social Media is no more social-it’s Commercial

Since the customers are on any one of the Social Platform, then if the product is good and if it inspires the customers, then it takes no time to get viral, thereby increasing the reach to maximum customers. Social Media Replaces Nothing but Compliments every thing

Take an example of Swami Ramdev, his posts on Face book are seen by millions of people and gets shared because he gives solution to many specific problems related to health and Fitness. So the Social Media has become an easy platform to connect with the aspiring customers and doing Business with them is Easy

The customer does not remembers as to how many times he has seen the advertisement instead how impactful is the add and in no time it becomes viral. So first we need to understand the customers burning problem, give him the clear cut message or solution to him. Now here the quality of content takes the central place of all actions which at the end culminates to transactions. Once the Content is ready it can be shown at Face book Page, Instagram Linked Inn, You Tube channels and so on. The main advantage of showing the advertisement on Social Platforms is that we can choose the Target Audience and be specific with our advertisement which will ensure better ROI. Though there is negative impact too, as wrong word of mouth in terms of negative comment or bad reviews spreads fast in Social Media which is some bit less in Offline Marketing.

Landing Page is the Land Mark

Landing Page is a page where the traffic Lands at from Social Media. Once we make our Business online, we need  to advertise in Social Media and from here the Customers will reach out us by giving their details on Landing page. Here we need to understand as to how to make an effective Landing Page which can work as a good Add Copy?

Making of an Add copy is again is a skill, as poor Add copy for our business will lose prospects and so the Sales. We will experience much lower conversion rates, and our profits will suffer. In fact, not knowing how to use ad copy could cause our business to fail.

However, if we learn to use ad copy effectively, we can increase the reach and the potential of our business. We will be more successful, and can get more customers.

How Ad Copy Works

Ad copy is a very specific type of content. It is designed to get the reader to respond or take action. In a standard sales setting, salespeople spend several minutes to several hours answering prospective customer’s questions and addressing their concerns. Without this interaction, many of the customer’s objections would go unanswered. If a customer has unanswered objections, they will not buy the product or service.

But by taking the time to walk the customer through the process and providing valuable insights, the salesperson can effectively communicate with the customer. It increases the odds of making a sale. However, when selling online, this type of interaction is rarely possible. This is where ad copy comes in. Ad copy is a sales letter that addresses the possible objections a customer might have. It also highlights the key features and benefits the customer will receive by making a purchase.

The Purpose of Ad Copy

The goal of ad copy is to increase conversion rates and profits. There are three ways to make a business more profitable. We can increase the traffic to the sales page, increase the value of the product or service, or we can increase the percentage of web traffic that converts to customers. Increasing the conversion rate is the most effective way to increase the profitability of a business.

Ad copy achieves this by highlighting the key components of a product or service and communicating them to potential customers in a way they can relate to. When used properly, ad copy is very powerful and effective.

Identifying Ad Copy

Effective ad copy is easy to identify. Good add copy will open with a powerful headline. The headline will do one of two things. It will either appeal to a fear or desire, or it will inspire curiosity. The goal of the headline is to stop readers in their tracks and inspire them to read the rest of the copy.

Properly written ad copy will appeal to both the logical reasons and emotional reasons that a customer would want to buy the product or service. Therefore, it is vital to take the key motivating factors of the customer into consideration when writing ad copy. We can make multiple Landing Pages.

Good Content isn’t about good story telling it’s about Telling True story well.

There are various Tools available to make a good Landing Page such as Insta Page, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, Convertkit and so on. These tools can help us to connect our website with Email Marketing by which we can engage with our customers. For good templates and images we can use, Canva which is free. Our Good story can become Viral in no time

How to make Our Brand Viral on Social Platforms

 We need to interact with the community. We have to position ourselves with extreme emotions, sometimes delight our customers with a surprise. In this way a Customer will get attracted and can have a smile on his Face. Here I would like to add one more point that if we publish our content along with the Trending Content then it will have a Rub-off-Effect. And also if the Information is valuable and useful, then the customers will definitely share with others as their reputation too is getting enhanced.

 Social Media KPI’s

After having made the Landing page, started giving adds in Social Media,the next Important thing is to ensure that we are quick in our action to respond to the query of Customer either as an Individual or a Company. Keep a track of Positive Vs Negative mention Ratio of the comments posted in Social Media. What is the churn rate? Are we as a Team capable enough to respond to the customers with solutions and restrict the churn rate? Further we need to track the number of posts, what is the total reach, how many Leads have been generated and what is the conversion rate.

So Social Media is no more a Technology but it is more of Sociology and Psychology. Here we get the opportunity to interact with the Customers directly.

Keep Building Online Reputation.

 It takes lot of time and effort to make Reputation but at the same time it is even more difficult to maintain the Reputation. In a growing Organization maintaining sales is very important as well the reputation of the Brand. The Potential Customers first checks the Reviews and then purchases the Product. Hence any misinformation or negative Information is very dangerous for the Brand. Once the negative information spreads it becomes very difficult to sale the product. So it is advisable to handle the responses carefully, particularly the negative feedback should be reverted immediately. Sometimes they can be handled offline also. It is advisable to collaborate with big Influencers who can write good content for our Brand, then this will enhance our reputation. Ensure to fulfill our promise what we have made of our product and services in online. How gracefully and with what humility we have handled the negative comments is the main factor to see the progress of our online reputation. So our response rate,follow up with Negative customers and resolving their issues immediately is the key factor for our online reputation.. Try to promote positive results and comments as much as possible. It would be good if the customers itself starts writing about our product and Brand.                So always conduct online audit.

Email Marketing with Loyal Customers

Email Marketing is very powerful way of to build long term Relationship with the customers. There is lot of CRM tools where all the Emails can be sent in personalized way by addressing the customers by Name along with creative subject line. The personalized Email increases the conversion rate as it helps to convert the interested customer in to paying customer. Once we get the Mobile Number and Email address of the customer it becomes easier to Re-market them. You cannot sell anything if you cannot tell anything. Thus Content is not the KING but it is a KINGDOM now.

Email Funneling

The next important thing is to understand about Email Funneling as the purpose of Email of Marketing lies here. Basically it helps in tracking the Following:

  1. How many Emails have been send.
  1. How many people received the Email?
  1. Out of the people receiving the Email, how many have opened the Email.
  2. Those that have opened the Email, how many of them have clicked and been re-directed to Landing Page.
  3. After reaching the Landing page, how many have been converted.

So all the above 5 steps are important to analyze and find in which bucket the customer lies and accordingly the content strategy has be to be put in place .With the above tool, we can also ascertain, what is the bounce rate and how many customers have unsubscribed, in fact which is good to know about that as we can focus on the loyal customers only.

To ensure a good result we have to write consumer-oriented contents which solves the customer query and then he reaches to Call to Action

Marketing Budget

For the all marketing activities, our goal should be to allocate 90 percent of our Marketing budget in inbound marketing and only 10 percent in Outbound Marketing activity. The Outbound Marketing has become traditional and in inbound marketing the People are are searching for their problems . Our success rate depends on how good is our content which can be published through Bogging, Social Media Platforms

This helps the Customers in getting exactly what they are looking for at the price point and at their will.

Sales Closing Techniques

Desired sales

The best way to close the sales is to first understand the problem of the customer, by understanding his current stage and then take him to the desired stage and then close the sale. In this way he will not feel exploited but it will be a win-win  situation for both the buyer and seller.

Conditional Sales

The best technique is to give the customer discount but with condition. We can offer the discount at much below the Market price but with the condition of Instant purchase. The customer should feel the fear of missing the opportunity. He should be tempted to purchase the product otherwise he will miss the opportunity. And if the product is good then discount on it increases the Sale immediately

Show the Customers that we are willing to walk away is by walking away.

Trust and Reliable

 On dealing with the customers they should never feel that they are losing trust. The Trust can be on the People, Company, or the Product. Trust and speed are directly proportional. The more trust, the faster is the decision making. In building Trust, our communication should be true and helpful to the customers. The customer should feel inspired and motivated while seeing the product or services offered and should have the urgency of buying it.  So if we are Reliable and Trustworthy with our customers, then they will start looking for us and the transaction process will Natural.

 As there is an old saying that” Trust starts with and Ends with Truth.


 Happy Selling


 Pankaj K Verma.


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