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Welcome to the Digital Sales Blog. This is the first blog post here on this blog and I would like to take this opportunity to tell about myself and what this blog is all about

I started my career as Sales Executive in 1996 and grew up to Regional Head Sales in 2016.  I worked in two different Industries.  Telecom and the second is LED LIGHTS.

During my journey in Sales I came across various problems/challenges as an individual, handling Direct Sales (meeting the prospects and closing the sales), later appointing the Channel Partners and building their Infrastructure coached their Sales Guys to get Incremental Sales.

As Manager Sales I started handling a big team, leading them by examples on ground. Thus at Various Stages I do understand the requirement of Sales Skills to an individual and how to handle the team once the person grows up in to the professional ladder, ensuring effective communication to the last level.

Digital Sales Blog as a project was born because pre Covid 19, we as Sales Person were looking for Customers offline but in current landscape, the customers are in Virtual Network so we need to find the customers here and that is Virtual Selling.

In Virtual selling ,sales happen by contacting people, so the task is on deciding who to contact and where to contact and closing the call virtually. Prior to Covid 19 we were having face to face meetings. All of us have to change because of the force of circumstances and it is unlikely that this is going to change in next few months.

Lots of customers need to be touched virtually. It’s high time to learn the art of keeping in touch with the customers virtually. As the virus moved the cheese and we need to find new ways and new paths to find the cheese.

” If your Business is not on the Internet you will be out of the Business” Bill Gates

 I will help the Business Owners to generate leads through hack funnels and with the applications of tools they can automate their Sales with minimum human interference.

In this Journey of Digital Sales Blog I will go deep in to the topic DIGITAL SALES covering under various topics clubbed in 10 Units












Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates!

Pankaj Verma

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  1. Best wishes and you will make difference in this field with your immense knowledge and relevant experience.

  2. We have grown up by learning & inheriting your experiences. This blogspot will surely motivate people out there to pursue, exhibit their talent & skills into Sales/Distribution domain.

  3. Nice introduction Pankaj Ji.. We will look forward to count on ur varied experiences on Sales. Some anecdotes will also be welcome. Wish you all the best


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