Digital Sales Welcome to the Universal Market

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when products, services, and solutions were only sold in a physical sense. Salespeople were seen as the single gateway and go-to experts before, during, and after any sale took place.

Fast forward to today’s digitally connected world, when people can learn almost anything they want about a product or service with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Today the world is driven by digital and as a result, almost all aspects of the sales process are strikingly different. Everything from prospecting, questioning, and meetings to presenting, negotiating and closing has changed.

What’s digital sales?

It’s the ability to scale relationship building using social and digital channels.  It doesn’t involve eliminating what you’re doing but complements it digitally.

Selling in the digital age means understanding the digital tools and technologies available to you so you can effectively leverage your online presence to reach, engage, and convert your target prospects and customers.

Thus Digital sales refers to the process of selling advertising space on digital mediums such as websites, blogs, social media platforms

Why Digital Sales?                  

B2B buyers and customers today have changed more than we realize.  They have access to information via social and digital channels and use it to empower their decision making. Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers are using social media to research vendors.

The days of sales professionals being gatekeepers of information have officially passed us.

So the main question is this:  if buyers have become more digital and sophisticated in their research and engagement capabilities, have sales people modernized too?

Because, here’s the reality:  if a sale doesn’t become more digital, they simply won’t be able to compete in the market today.  Why? Because those who have access to information can make better and faster decisions.

To outline the importance of digital, and indeed social selling in today’s climate, here are some statistics you should be aware of:

75% of people using social media outsell their peers

78 % of buyers expect sales to personalize interactions based on online activities

Social selling has the highest lead to close ratio of all prospecting methodologies

Sales reps using social media have 3.6 times more chance of meeting a decision maker

Subject matter experts active on social networks generate business opportunities seven times more effectively than traditional marketing

86% of IT buyers use social media in their purchase decision process

With these type of statistics to draw from, it’s no surprise that many sales professionals are playing catch up to hone their online skills. Thus Professionals working in sales, marketing, and customer services require digital selling expertise in order to effectively engage the modern buyer to drive revenue and profits.

How do I do sales digitally?

Like traditional lead generation, the new model is founded on demonstrating expertise and building trusting relationships — but these goals are accomplished online.

We need to have good Landing Pages/Sale Funnels

  • Create a landing page or website about your digital product. This page you may use for SEO, PPC ads or for informing your potential clients via other sources.
  • Find platforms similar to the one you use to distribute your digital product on the internet.
  • Find website accepting guest posts and additional information about related products and services.
  • Provide your product for free to several people who are blogging in that niche and ask them to review it (you may put the links to such reviews on your landing page, maybe product download page or anywhere else on the pages connected with your product)
  • Promote your product on social networks
  • We can have Face book ads for advertising our product. In fact we can really customize our target audience.

It based how much money or how many hours you would like to invest into your sales increase.

Blogging is the most effective driver of leads to your website. Because a blog allows you to create a wide range of keyword-laden content that can be found in the search engines, it can draw a lot of qualified prospects to your website (this assumes that you host your blog on your website. You can further promote your blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Without a blog, your SEO efforts will be handicapped.

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