5 Reasons why your Business needs a Website


The pandemic has affected trade and commerce due to the Lock downs and Travel restrictions. Fear of infection has restricted the vast majority of the population from venturing out. This has resulted in lower volumes of Trade and Commerce. However there remains a very easy and effective way out from this seemingly  impossible situation.

What is the solution ?

The solution is to start your Business through an online platform.

Before the pandemic very few people were trusting Online Purchase but due to health and regulations problems caused by Pandemic Businesses are forced to go on the Internet.

People have only two options:-

Either Go out and possibly risk getting infected.


Stay at home and trust the Online shopping.

People chose to take the second option out of fear of infections, lock downs etc. have provided the impetus for purchasers to adopt Online purchase as a preferred means of Buying. They discover the convenience of Online shopping unless going back to Traditional shopping. And this is the trend going on.

Now since everybody cannot reach your office to know about your product and services but if you have the website  then any one in any part of the world can know your product and services you are offering.

Let me make you understand through an example.

I am a customer and I need my house to be repaired.

The First thing which will come to my mind” Let’s find in Google”

And if I find one then what would be my reaction?

“ Wow They have a website”

In the past, people looked in the Yellow Pages or drove to a store to get information about a product or service. Today, most of them have turned to the Internet. 

You know it better because you do it too.

A presence on the web helps customers, potential employees, vendors and even investors to quickly and easily find out more about your business and the products or services you offer.

1.Representation in the Digital World.

There are 4.66 Billion Active Users on Internet

70%-80% of People research a Company Online

93% of Business Purchase decisions start with the search engine search

As a result those who do not have the website are serving only 7% of the customer.

As more and more people are purchasing Online over Buying on Tradition channels such as stores/Malls.

 It is estimated that by the Year 2040 , 95 %  of the purchases will be through E- Commerce Website

Further to add upon,it is estimated that more than 5 Billion People have mobile devices around the world, and that number is growing daily. If you don’t have an online presence, you will miss out on all those potential customers who rely on their smartphones and tablets to find products and services.

Currently there are 95 Billion Websites on the Internet.

2.Credibility and Professionalism

                            Website= Credibility

Every Business needs a website including yours

The Business no matter its size should have a website. A website is a statement of legitimacy and a way of instilling confidence in your Business.

Today’s Customers expect companies to have online presence and won’t consider a company that does not have a website. It proves that you are not serious about what you do.

One of the more obvious benefits that come from social media marketing is that it can drive more traffic to your website. Every time you post content on your social media platforms, you are giving readers a compelling reason to click on links to your website.

An increase in your Website traffic results in increase in Credibility

3.Unique Selling Point

Customers have a huge selection nowadays therefore they need to know you are different.

Social Media is such a platform where you engage or interact with your customers and prospects. Practically the more you make the effort to correspond with your audience the greater is your opportunity to convert them and sell your product and services to them. Because social media lets you engage and interact with customers, this can, and does evolve into greater customer loyalty and repeat business.

This helps you to Engage with your customers on an ongoing basis.

4.Brand Development and Market Awareness

Nowadays it is impossible to build a company’s Brand without a website.

A bottom-line reality is this: if you make your presence known on social media, your

prospects and customers will find you and, more importantly, they will connect with you.

Social media lets you create a unique voice on behalf of you and your business which, strategically speaking, you need to do in order to boost and improve the image the consumers have for your brand. So there is higher level of customer Approval

By observing the activities and studying the comments posted by customers and prospects on your social media pages, you can clearly determine what’s important to your audience.

Learn about their interests, needs and opinions regarding your products and services. That intelligence is valuable to your business and can inform your decisions as you plan your business’s future. 

Thus When your business comes across in the eyes and minds of consumers as being powerful, authoritative thought leaders, you gain brand loyalty in your niche.

5.Get More Potential Clients.

An Optimized Website will help you to reach Local and remote users searching for the products and services your Business offers.

A website of your Business is a Marketing Power House. Your Website should act as a HUB. 

Use Social Networks channels and other platforms to attract Customers.Also satisfy users desires and solve their problems on your website.

Social media marketing can enable you to reach potentially millions of prospective customers around the world, people whose path you’d otherwise never cross. 

You should take advantage of a free social media platform named “Google My Business”, it can give you a decisive edge over competitors and attract new business. This powerful tool allows you to shine a spotlight on your company and drive customer engagement.

With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. And once again, Google offers it to businesses at no charge.

Your shop being invisible 24*7 * 365 days a year,with prospective clients without your physical presence. People research products and services when it’s convenient for them, not necessarily during business hours and not always from the same time zone as you.

Think of it as a fishing net that’s always in the water ready to snag that next Big Fish when it comes along.

You need a website in 2021 and any other year for the foreseeable future.

                       Do it Today

Nowadays not only is a website affordable, it’s also virtually risk free. Unlike a Yellow Pages ad, for example, you’re not locked into the same ad for a full year at a cost of hundreds or thousands per month. You can change or remove your website at any time.



Pankaj K Verma



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  1. Excellent message Sir.
    But i do have some issues with it as a customer because I am not at all aware about the quality of the product. Secondly there are many issues like fake products being issued in place of real ones.

  2. It is really great and insightful. Presence of business on websites is very well articulated and its benefits too.
    Presence on websites is kinds of benchmark for customer, where customer rates the company before making buying decision.


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